About the GCC eGovernment Award

The Digital Government Award (DGA) is a competition in which Government Agencies in GCC participate by presenting their best practices in delivering Digital Services according to certain standards that are set in line with the Council's principles and objectives aimed at promoting the building of a digital economy and a constructive society. GCC DGA is held biennially in conjunction with the GCC E-Government Conference or any Gulf event of the host country. The first edition was held in the Sultanate of Oman in 2009, the second in Kuwait in November 2011, the third in the UAE in 2013 and the fourth in Bahrain in 2015. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host the fifth edition of DGA for the year 2023, and the Award Ceremony will be held at the Digital Government Forum (DGF) in its second edition of 2023, scheduled to be held on December 19-20 in Riyadh.


Gulf Award of world-class standards enabling Government Agencies in GCC to share knowledge and achieve leadership in the digital government practices level.


Provide a platform for competition between government agencies in the field of digital government to help disseminate knowledge and expertise and increase customer satisfaction as well as boost knowledge-based economy and global competitiveness of GCC.

The award aims to:

  • Create a culture of constructive competition among GCC countries in the field of Digital Government..
  • Highlight successful experiences that support the use and exchange of best practices across various government sectors in GCC.
  • Recognize and celebrate the outstanding government efforts in GCC to improve the quality of life and enhance the global competition among countries.