Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only completed projects and services that have been in service for at least a year should be submitted. If the nomination contains multiple stages of development and execution, completed services that have been in service for six months may be submitted.
  2. Participation should be made by the country representative to make submission on behalf of government agencies.
  3. Each country is entitled to submit two entries only in each category, considering that each project should be different from the other. The participation form should be submitted for each project separately.
  4. Agencies applying for the award must own the property rights of all images, sounds and text content of the service. All software must be licensed.
  5. The Jury Committee has the right to disqualify any participation that fails to comply with participation's terms and conditions.
  6. The country representative must obtain the approval of government agencies to submit their projects and participate in the award.
  7. The Jury Committee, when necessary, has the right to request a nomination demo and be allowed to access the digital service.
  8. The participant must make sure that it submits its participation application in the correct award category.
  9. The Jury Committee has the right to change the category to which the project was submitted, if it deems necessary. This change will be allowed only if it was for the benefit of the participant.
  10.  All the project supporting documents should be uploaded. The form will not be considered complete without such supporting documents, so they should be uploaded together with the application before submitting it.
  11. All participations must be submitted in their final form and complete in all respects. No drafts, prototypes or incomplete projects will be accepted.
  12. Nominations that fail to meet the terms and standards of the award will be disqualified. This includes unreadable, incomplete, or ineligible nominations.
  13. The maximum word count should be considered according to the instructions mentioned in the nomination forms.
  14. All information provided in participations will be used for arbitration purposes only, noting that the jurors will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  15. All materials submitted within the participations are the property of the organizers. One copy of the participation will be kept in the archive and will not be used for any commercial purposes.
  16.  All participations must be submitted no later than 4th of October 2023. No participation will be accepted beyond this deadline.