Best Digital Government Service

This category is dedicated to the distinguished Government Agencies in Digital Servicing, and participation shall be through providing an integrated service that considers the beneficiary-centric approach and provide an effective user experience, by ensuring usability and equal access to information provided to all categories of beneficiaries. Best Digital Service contributes to reducing costs, minimizing processing time, auditing workflow and reaching high levels of quality and serving beneficiaries.

Best Use of AI

This category aims to encourage all agencies and sectors to adopt AI technologies in delivering quality government services with a positive impact on beneficiaries, and DGA also contributes to supporting the development of the AI ecosystem in the Gulf.

Best Open Data Initiative

This category is dedicated to promote innovation and empower public and private sector institutions, to facilitate access to government data and to make it available on a national portal, which contributes to increasing transparency and elevating government performance through delivering services tailored to beneficiaries' aspirations. It also contributes to the promotion of creativity, innovation and scientific research which is beneficial for stakeholders' use of Open Government Data in order to develop new services.

Best Digital Inclusion Initiative

This award is granted to government institutions that offer services to other government ministries and institutions. Applications will be evaluated based on reduction of costs, time and effort in accomplishing a transaction or a number of transactions by enhancing the levels of communication as well as access to information and integration amongst government entities.

Best Government Service for Business Sector

In this category of the award, we seek to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in the ICT sector by ensuring Digital Inclusion for all segments of society, access to digital government services, formation of digital knowledge and skills for vulnerable groups, such as: women, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities and poor, thereby supporting the digital economy and enhancing the economic prosperity and competitiveness of GCC and to achieve Digital Empowerment and Inclusion for citizens and residents, specifically the most vulnerable ones.

Best Practice in Community eParticipation

The Best Community Participation Initiative Category contributes to encouraging agencies to engage all segments of society into decision-making and be aligned with the recent government agency trends. Community participation programs stress the need for concerted efforts with all Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors to contribute to achieving development and meeting the growing and diverse needs of all society members. Community participation is an interactive communication service between the government agency and society members. It works on collecting opinions and proposals related to the initiative activity. It also supports the citizens, residents and visitors by activating their input and use them in implementing the initiatives. Through this award category, we also encourage to attract the interest of innovative people to share their digital transformation ideas, proposals and initiatives in various sectors.

Best Women Digital Empowerment Initiative

Through this Initiative, we seek to encourage the empowerment of women in the ICT sector. The Initiative includes the different means of support provided to women, such as qualifying female cadres in Digital Transformation, creating a supportive and motivating environment for women, increasing the sustainability of quality job opportunities and introducing leadership roles to enable women to participate in the digital transformation journey.