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Knowledge Management

GCC Knowlege Management initiatives in the GCC

1. GCC Knowledge Management Hub

The cooperation between government agencies is an essential aspect of the e-government strategy, which urges stakeholders to interact together and to transfer experience among them, in order to provide a more efficient and effective services; therefore, in order to enrich and strengthen the presence of the Gulf-mail lies the importance of sharing lessons learned and successful experiences (and also the errors), methodologies and tools in order not to repeat the effort again, in order to promote common solutions (and thus save time and effort when implementing new services), and to develop a common approach to new topics.

The GCC Knowledge Management Portal aimed at regulating the ways of communication and relationships between the members of the various committees, as well as the organization of work between the various parties and facilitating access to all the information, documents and persons in an automated manner, which saves time to reach the maximum amount of information accurately and efficiently

The GCC Knowledge Management Portal provides quick access to accurate information

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2. mGovernment Virtual Academy

The UAE mGovernment launched an international programme to train GCC nationals on the concepts of mGovernment. The programme aims to increase the capacity of government employees in topics such as app development, vendor selection and strategic planning for mGovernment. 

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